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Does Thnks work with Zapier?
Does Thnks work with Zapier?

Using Zapier to create webhooks

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Thnks + Zapier

As an Enterprise team you have the ability to use Zapier to build webhooks which can automatically trigger the sending of a Thnks within a marketing campaign, after completion of a form/survey, or as part of another automated workflow.


  • Enterprise Thnks account

  • Access to Zapier Premium

  • Thnks API Key (request via your Thnks Account Manager)

The three common Zapier use cases:

  1. Sending a Thnks

  2. Retrieving details about sent Thnks

  3. Triggering a Thnks webhook from Hubspot Workflow

If you're curious about the possibilities of other integrations please contact your Account Manager if you are an existing customer or set up a demo with our Sales team here if not.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us via live chat or at

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