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Do Thnks items expire? Can I be refunded for my Thnks?

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  • As a sender you will be charged for the cost of your chosen item upon sending your Thnks.

  • If the Thnks is undelivered due to a bounced recipient email address, you will be immediately notified via email and your Thnks will be expired and refunded in full to your original form of payment.

  • Once opened, Thnks are no longer eligible for a refund and will expire if unredeemed after 365 days.

  • Thnks items that remain unopened after 30 days will be expired and refunded back to the sender's original form of payment on the Pro or Enterprise plans.

  • For Individual users, Thnks items that remain unopened after 30 days will be expired and refunds will be issued to the sender's User Balance. Read more about User Balances for Individual users here.

  • Refunds for Thnks items that remain unopened after 30 days will be processed and returned to the sender on the 10th of every month.

    • Example: If you send a Thnks on February 15th, and it is still unopened 30 days later on March 15th, Thnks will hold the refund and process it on April 10th, along with any other refunds from the past month.

    • Refunding on the 10th of each month gives users with spend targets time to spend any refunded funds before the target resets at the end of the month. It also simplifies expense reporting by batching refunds together.

Note: During the 30 days after the Thnks was sent, Thnks will send 3 reminder emails at 2, 15, and 25 days to recipients of unopened/unredeemed Thnks items. If you are worried that your recipient has not received their Thnks, you can always access your Thnks link and send through to your recipient directly (My Thnks > Sent > Select Thnks > Email me Thnks Link), as well.

For more information regarding our refund policy please see our Terms & Conditions here.

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