• You can view all of your past sent and received Thnks gifts in the My Gifts tab within Thnks on desktop or mobile. 
  • This tab will show you the contact info, gift type, date and tracking state (delivered, opened/redeemed) for each gift.
  • To take an action on any gift you have received, select the gift under My Gifts > Received and choose the action you would like to take- Accept, Donate, or Re-Gift.
  • Note: If you accept your gift but are not ready to use it yet, your gift will remain with an active redemption code for future use.

Thnks team users have additional access to an admin panel to view, export, and report on all gifting data in real-time. If you are interested in creating a team or learning more about the benefits of being part of a team, contact us here.

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