What is the Thnks Admin Panel?

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The Thnks Admin Panel is web dashboard that enables management and corporate compliance to monitor and report on their teams’ giving activity in real-time. 

This includes the ability to:

  • Set monthly budgets per user 

  • Include company name and logo as part of all Thnks items sent via Thnks

  • Add or remove Thnks access for team 

  • Add, remove, or edit team members

  • Assign payment for the team

  • View and export data around the giving activity of all team members in real-time, including Thnks type, frequency, and spend by individual user during a specified time period

  • Integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, Concur, and other popular enterprise software (coming soon)

If you need assistance with your Admin panel, please contact your Account Manager or reach out to our Solutions Team at solutions@thnks.com.

If you are interested in creating a team or learning more about the benefits of being part of a team, contact us at support@thnks.com.

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