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Where do contacts come from, how to add or connect contacts, how to send a Thnks to multiple contacts

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The Thnks WebApp on your Desktop 

  • Select a Thnks

The next page will look like the screenshot below (click to view)

  • You can connect your mailbox contacts so that they appear once you start typing a contact's name or email by selecting either the Google or Outlook buttons shown in the the screenshot above

You are also able to connect your contacts within your user profile by scrolling down to "Connected Accounts."

  • To send to someone not in your contacts simply type in, or paste, their complete email address.

The Thnks Mobile App

  • If you are using the mobile app on iOS or Android, Thnks will sync to your native phone contacts—the sole reason for this is to allow you to send Thnks to relevant people, easily and efficiently. Thnks does not view or store this information. 

  • To send a Thnks to someone who is not in your phone contacts, simply type the recipient's email address into the search bar and select them from the list. 

  • You can also use the connect mailbox feature on mobile to sync contacts from your email. 

    • To do so, select a Thnks

On the recipient entry page, click the icon denoted in the screenshot below

The following page will show.

  • Select the "+" next to mail service that you would like to connect your contacts from and log in with that site's credentials

Sending a Thnks to multiple contacts 

  • You can send a Thnks via email to as many contacts as you like, all at once with Thnks! 

  • If you are on the mobile app, pick your Thnks and then select as many email recipients as you would like from your contact list. If recipients are not in your contact list you can type each email address into the search bar and then select them from the list.

  • If you are using Thnks on your desktop, pick your Thnks and then input each recipient's email address, separated by a comma. 

  • You will then have the choice to write one message to all the recipients you have selected or personalize messages to each. 

  • The Thnks you have selected will be sent to each recipient you have selected separately (in the same way as bcc works on email). 

  • From there you can track whether each Thnks has been opened or redeemed by your recipients under My Thnks > Sent.  

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