• Thnks is a corporate gifting application that lets you send timely, relevant and thoughtful gifts to strengthen your relationships.
  • The most powerful tool you have for creating success is to appreciate others: simple considerate gestures like saying thank you have the power to completely change another person's perspective. 
  • Instead of gifting yet another branded mug or fruit basket, send something personal to show that you value their time and respect the relationship—everything from an Uber ride to the client with a long commute to a Starbucks hot chocolate for your top 20 prospects on the first snow day of the year.
  • Thnks is personalized to the recipient and delivered instantly via email or SMS. 
  • Recipients can accept their gift seamlessly with no app install or account creation needed on their end. Each gift will have an associated digital code for simple in-store or online redemption. 

Create your account on Web, iOS or Android to start gifting now.

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