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Want to send a Thnks but not sure what your recipient prefers? Thnks Select enables you to share gestures of gratitude with your recipients without needing to know your recipient's preference!

With Thnks Select, you can send a gesture of your choice and allow your recipient to select their preferred merchant or item from the preset list of options.

Sender Experience

Here is the link to our category to browse! (An active account will be needed to view available Thnks on our platform).

To send via SMS, you can view those instructions here (Sending a Thnks Select via Mobile).

When clicking into a Thnks Select item, the preset list of merchants will be presented.

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Recipient Experience

Your recipient will be shown the merchant options to make a selection (on desktop)!

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Below is what will be shown via mobile redemption. Recipients may need to scroll down to view all listed merchants.*

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Upon clicking "Select" on a merchant, another pop up will show to confirm the selection. Alternatively, recipients are able to donate the value of their Thnks by hitting the "Donate" button after viewing their Thnks.

*Once a selection is made, this is not able to be reversed or reset.

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