Moving Balances Within an Org Chart
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The Moving Balances feature gives you the ability to easily move funds to your other teams or directly to team user balances. This can be done via the instructions below:

  • To move the balance from a team, navigate to the admin tab

  • Select 'Payments' on the left hand panel

  • On the right, click on 'Move Balance'

  • Choose where to move the funds to

      • Select 'Team Balances' if you wish to move funds to another team in the organization

      • Select 'User Balance' if you wish to move funds to an individual's User Balance

        • Click the box(s) by the desired user/team or use the search function to locate a specific one.

        • Once you have selected the team or user you wish to move funds to, you will see a box on the right hand side where you can input the amount you wish to move.

  • When finished inputting the amount of funds to move simply click 'Next' in the bottom right.

  • Input a Note if you'd like and click 'Save'

  • If you'd like to move a user's balance to a team or another user follow the steps below:

    • Just like above, navigate to your "Admin" tab and select "Payment" on the left.

    • Scroll to the bottom and you will see the "User Balances" section

    • Select the "..." to the right of the user whose balance you wish to move.

    • Select "Move Balance"

    • Then, move the balancer to either a team or another user following the exact same steps as above to choose a user or team.

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