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Would you like to send a Thnks for a later date but queue it up now?

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Thnks now offers a feature allowing all users to schedule their own Thnks in advance. Below is the process to do so as well as how to edit the scheduled Thnks before it goes out and how it affects your Spend Target.

  • To schedule a Thnks, follow the typical flow to send a Thnks

    • Select your Thnks

    • Input your recipient(s)

    • Write your personalized message

  • On the final confirmation page at the top, you will see the option to schedule the send at a later date

    • Select the desired date and time (the time will be your time zone)

    • Click 'Schedule' after confirming the delivery date and time

  • For Pro and Enterprise accounts: If you have a particularly large send (minimum 50+) you want to schedule you also have the option to fill out a Scheduled Send Spreadsheet after which you can email to or your assigned Account Manager if you have one OR by submitting this through the Bulk Send tab.

  • If you have Thnks that have been scheduled you can easily view and edit them through our platform

    • Click on 'Schedule' at the top right of the web app OR click on 'My Thnks' at the top of of the page and select 'Scheduled' in the middle of the page (Sent and Received are the other two options of the three here

    • To edit simply click on the desired Thnks and a window will pop open on the right allowing you to edit the send. You can also delete the send from there or go back to the schedule page and click the box next to the Thnks and select delete

One important thing to keep in mind if you have a Spend Target assigned to you: The scheduled Thnks will pull from your Spend Target at the moment it sends, not at the time you schedule it. If you do not have enough Spend Target at the time of send, the send will fail and will not go out. You will receive notice of this via email if that is the case.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support team by emailing or start a live chat Monday-Friday 8:30a-5:30p CST.

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