What is EcoCart?

Offsetting carbon footprints through Thnks!

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Thnks + EcoCart

Thnks is partnering with EcoCart to provide the opportunity to make each Thnks sent carbon neutral supporting ESG initiatives and appreciating our planet.

At Thnks we have a culture of appreciation where we are always looking for ways to spread more gratitude. In keeping with this, we wanted to make appreciating the environment a seamless part of the Thnks experience for our users. Now, you can add a carbon offset to any Thnks sent, powered by EcoCart.


Thnks carbon offsets will be used to support the Doe Mountain improved forest management project located in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. It includes over 8,000 acres of mixed hardwoods and ensures that the recreation area’s trail and infrastructure improvements are financially covered while conserving Doe Mountain’s stunning landscape and improving wildlife habitat.


Provides educational and recreational facilities for visitors to enjoy.

Sequesters carbon from the atmosphere by protecting trees and plants that absorb carbon from the air.

Provides a protected environment for many species of wildlife and plants by implementing sustainable forest management practices that prevent the unnecessary destruction of habitats.

Carbon revenues from the project allow the Doe Mountain Recreation Authority to continue to operate with a paid staff and manage the use of the lands.

How it works

  • Simply check the EcoCart box when sending a Thnks

  • The carbon offset is included in your Thnks

  • Carbon offsets are calculated automatically

For more information see our EcoCart info page here.

Still have more questions? Feel free to start a live chart or email us at support@thnks.com

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