Admins play a huge role in the success of their Thnks team. Utilize the best practices outlined below to implement gratitude within your company and help overall activation from your team.

  • Analyze Team Spend

    Utilize your analytics dashboard here & send the ‘spend by user’ dash every week to your team to make sure they’re aware of their remaining funds.

  • Share What Works

    Send monthly updates on the platform and share your team’s best tips & tricks. Examples: Highest ThnkQ Score, most reply backs, best reply back, most popular Thnks, new trending items, or new vendors.

  • Connect with Our Team

    Connect regularly with Thnks by reaching out to your Account Manager or to cover your team’s Thnks usage & your upcoming plans.

  • Be Festive

    Find fun reasons to send Thnks. Send your team some upcoming national holidays on the first of every month, and recognize important days for your company or clients.

  • Stay On Schedule

    Automate Thnks sends for all of your team’s milestones using the schedule feature (coming soon). Plan ahead for birthdays, work anniversaries, and client milestones.

  • Train Your Team

    When new employees start, make Thnks training a part of their onboarding process, and don’t forget to send them a Thnks to welcome them to your team!

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