ThnkQ Score (TQ)

What is ThnkQ Score, and how does it work? What is the Gratitude Tree?

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ThnkQ Score

ThnkQ Score (TQ) is a measure of a user’s gratitude and thoughtfulness. This feature is available for Pro and Enterprise level users only. Just like an IQ or an EQ, the TQ gives users a score to judge their ability to show appreciation.

How It Works:

For every Thnks you send, you have a chance to earn up to 100 TQ points. To maximize your TQ score, make sure to spread gratitude frequently, use a variety of gestures, and personalize your messages to your recipients. (Hint: the more personalized your gesture of gratitude is, the more points you’ll earn!)

You'll find your ThnkQ Score in the top right of your web screen, next to the teal leaf icon. You can track your success and see how your score compares to the rest of your team by checking out the TQ Leaderboard.

On the Thnks mobile app, your ThnkQ Score can be found by clicking on the hamburger menu on the top left. You will see it indicated with the yellow leaf icon at the top of the menu, under your name. Clicking on it will open up your TQ Leaderboard and let you see your Gratitude Tree.

Gratitude Tree

Expressing gratitude is a learned skill and it requires consistent practice to see the payoff in your relationships. That’s why every time your TQ score grows, so does your Gratitude Tree! Like any plant, your Gratitude Tree needs to be watered regularly (but in this case, with showers of Thnks). Watch out for score decay! Your TQ score and your Gratitude Tree will slowly decay if you go too long without sending a Thnks. Don’t worry, as soon as you get back in the habit of showing appreciation, your tree will return to health!

Keep spreading gratitude with Thnks and watch your tree (and relationships) grow to new heights!

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