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Looking for guidance on how to best use Thnks? Here's a quick guide with some of the most important tips and tricks, based on the practices of our most successful users!

  1. Be Thoughtful & Relevant. Personalize your Thnks message and the gesture itself. Search for a book, bottle of wine, or sports jersey you know your contact will enjoy.

  2. Don't Send a "Thask" (Thnks + ask). Don’t use Thnks as an asking opportunity. Be on the lookout for the open and redeem notifications to help guide your next follow-up, which is a more appropriate time for your ask.

  3. Surprise & Delight. Take opportunities to use Thnks to put a smile on your prospect’s face. It’s unexpected and always appreciated. These types of gestures receive the most positive feedback on the platform.

  4. Make Gratitude a Habit. Build a positive association between you and your client over time and through multiple touch points. Ensure you are showing appreciation regularly by creating a “gratitude routine”. Spend a little time each day practicing it!

  5. Schedule & Automate. It’s easy to forget a birthday, work anniversary or important deadline. Avoid missing those crucial relationship moments by scheduling out your gestures in advance. Your future self will thank you.

  6. Spread the Love. It takes a TEAM to make a business successful. Showing appreciation to multiple people at a business makes the overall relationship stronger and protects you in case of changing accounts, contacts or responsibilities.

Use Thnks To...

Re-engage lapsed leads:

  • Who: Leads that have been unresponsive for 2+ weeks.

  • When: Based on a meta-analysis of 10 data-driven email marketing studies covering billions of emails, Tuesday morning is the optimal day to maximize your open rates.

  • Suggested Thnks Gestures: A ‘Berried' in Work Treat, An Afternoon Pick Me Up

  • Example Message: “I know your schedule has been packed so I thought a pick-me-up would help power you through the week. Looking forward to connecting again soon.”

Shorten the sales cycle:

  • Who: Prospects in the middle of your sales funnel.

  • When: Based on our analysis, Thursday morning is the best time to increase open and response rates if you’ve already connected with the prospect in the previous 7-14 days.

  • Suggested Thnks Gestures: Lunch for the Team, WorkPerks Team Snack Box

  • Example Message: “Good morning and happy Thursday! I was thinking of how swamped you and the team were this week, so I thought you’d all enjoy some fuel/snacks to help get you through the day.”

Follow up on a client or prospect:

  • Who: All prospects and clients you’ve had a phone, video or in-person meeting with.

  • When: Directly following your meeting or call.

  • Suggested Thnks Gestures: A ‘Thnks a Latte’ or a specific item relating to your initial conversation (ie. A Petco Mini Make-Rover for a dog lover).

  • Example Message: “It was a pleasure to meet you earlier. I really appreciate your time and consideration of our proposal. I know you mentioned you have a lot going on this week, so I thought you’d enjoy a caffeine-boost and a sweet treat!"

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