How Do I View My Thnks History?

What have I sent? How can I track it?

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  • Login to your Thnks account

  • On the WebApp click on the 2nd tab at the top - “My Thnks”

  • On mobile click the 3rd tab on the bottom - “My Thnks”

  • The Thnks are split into three categories - Sent, Scheduled, Received

Under “Sent” you can see all the Thnks you sent

  • A grey arrow indicates the Thnks has been sent but not opened

  • A blue √ means that the Thnks has been opened

  • Two blue √√ means the Thnks has been redeemed

  • A red X indicates that the email address used was invalid. The Thnks has been cancelled and you have been refunded

Under "Scheduled" you can see all Thnks that you have scheduled to be sent at a later date.

Under “Received” you can see all Thnks that were sent to you.

  • You have the option to redeem from here, donate the value to a charity, or re-give the Thnks to someone else.

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