Can I Get an Itemized Receipt?

Pulling receipts for your records.

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To pull an itemized receipt:

  • Access your profile settings by clicking on your initials in the top right corner of the website and selecting 'Profile'.

  • Scroll down and click “Itemized Receipt

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  • Choose date range (Start and End)

  • Click “View." You will see a summary at the top of your purchases, refunds, and your entire total within the given date range.

  • Each transaction within the given date range will be listed including:

    • Thnks title

    • Date and time of send

    • Recipient email address or phone number

    • Payment method

    • Total amount

      • a red amount will indicate a purchased Thnks while a blue amount will indicate a refund processed.

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An example of a refund being shown within your itemized receipts is below:

  • If you'd like to download a record of this, simply click "Download CSV" at the top or click "Print" > update the destination to "Save as a PDF" > click "Save."

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