Thnks is a simple tool that helps you strengthen your business relationships through the giving and receiving of instant gestures of appreciation. 

We have a range of gifts you can send for any occasion- everything from a simple cup of coffee to thank someone you have recently met with for their time, an Uber ride to surprise a top prospect on a cold morning, or a premium bottle of liquor to celebrate a new partnership. 

To send your first gift: 

  1. Browse our curated categories or use the search bar to find something specific- we recommend starting with our signature 'Thnks A Latte' in our 'Nice to meet you' category, to thank someone you have recently met with for their time. 
  2. Input your recipient's email or phone number- you can connect your phone and email contacts to easily find people in your network. You can also send the same gift to multiple recipients at a time. 
  3. Write your personalized message- take a moment to think about your recipient and the ways in which you can build a connection or help make their day better. If you do not know much about them there are other ways to send something relevant...location, weather, popular culture, holidays or celebrations. Maybe there is no particular reason to reach out...sometimes it is the small, surprising gestures of gratitude that have the biggest impact.
  4. Confirm and send! You will be prompted to verify your account and input payment if you have not already done so. 

Your gift will be sent instantly to your recipient where they can accept in one click, with no app download or account creations needed.

For gifts like Starbucks coffee, Panera Bread bagels, Chipotle Lunch and Krispy Kreme Donuts your recipient will be given a barcode that they can scan in-store to redeem their gift at their convenience.

For other gifts which involve a physical delivery, including liquor, wine, snacks and curated gift boxes, your recipient will be prompted to input their address on hitting accept, and then their gift will be sent straight to their door!

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