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Thnks & Salesforce Integration
Thnks & Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

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Track Thnks in Salesforce:

  • Team users on Thnks have the ability to connect to their salesforce account. In order to do so - Thnks will need to be provided with your company's SFDC Org ID.

  • After adding the SFDC Org ID into our system all you have to do is go into your Thnks profile and scroll down to <connected accounts> and connect your SFDC account to your Thnks account to automatically import any information about your activity on the platform.

  • Once you've connected your Salesforce account successfully, the information about any Thnks sent will be imported to Salesforce at the moment of the Thnks' delivery, as a past task related to the contact. 

  • For each Thnks sent, a note is added to the contact with the recipient's email address, and a new contact is created if one doesn't exist.

Send automated Thnks items based on pre-determined triggers from Salesforce: 

  • Thnks also has the capability to enable automated sending based on pre-defined triggers within Salesforce. 

  • We can work with your team to help automate sending Thnks based on key state changes in Salesforce e.g. 'Prospect to Qualification' or 'Negotiation to Closed Won'.

  • Any activity within your Thnks account can also be tracked within Salesforce as well in order to report on your ROI.  

Interested in getting your Thnks activity connected to your SFDC account? Start a live chat or email us at

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