Track Thnks in Salesforce:

  • Teams using Thnks are able to connect to their salesforce account in order to automatically import information about grateful gestures sent though Thnks into Salesforce.  
  • For each Thnks sent, a note is added to the contact with the recipient's email address, and a new contact is created if one doesn't exist.  
  • We can work with team managers to connect your salesforce account to Thnks, and enable this integration for each user under the team. 
  • Once the sender has connected their Salesforce account successfully, the information about a sent Thnks will be imported to salesforce at the moment of the Thnks' delivery, as a past task related to the contact. 

Send automated Thnks items based on pre-determined triggers from Salesforce (BETA):  

  • Thnks also has the capability to enable automated sending based on pre-defined triggers in Salesforce. 
  • We can work with your team to set up automated Thnks sends based on key state changes in Salesforce e.g. 'Prospect to Qualification' or 'Negotiation to Closed Won'.
  • Thnks sends can also be tracked within your Salesforce, to report on their ROI.  

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