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Can I Refer Someone to Use Thnks?
Can I Refer Someone to Use Thnks?

What is the Thnks referral program? How do Thnks referrals work?

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How to refer someone to use Thnks: 

  • Sign into your Thnks account on our web platform.

  • Click on the "Love Thnks? Tell a friend" button next to the "Recipient Country" flag.

  • You can also find it in the mobile app by clicking the menu bar in the top left corner and then selecting "Earn $10" at the bottom.

  • You will have a unique referral link, which you can copy and send to anyone you would like to refer to use Thnks.

How it works:

  • We will track any users that sign up with Thnks through your referral link.

  • You will receive $10 for every user you refer who spends $50 or more on sent Thnks items.

  • Each $10 reward will be sent to you via email as a Thnks, in the form of an Amazon credit that you can use towards anything you would like on! 

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