Thnks has built a chrome extension to allow you to send a Thnks straight from your gmail in a few simple clicks. 

How to use the Thnks Chrome Extension: 

  1. Download the Thnks chrome extension here
  2. Click on the <t> icon in the top right of your chrome browser and login to your Thnks account (or create a new one). Note: if you do not see this please refresh your browser on gmail first. 
  3. Click to compose a new email on gmail and type in your recipient's email in the 'To' bar as you would normally (note: you can only send a Thnks to one recipient email at a time)
  4. Click on the <t> icon on the bottom bar of your email composer (if you do not see this you may need to refresh your browser) 
  5. The Thnks categories should pop up on the right hand side- from there you can scroll through the categories or search to pick your Thnks 
  6. Once you have selected your Thnks you can confirm your details and hit the 'Purchase' button- this will generate the Thnks straight in your email to send directly to your recipient
  7. Add your message before/after the Thnks in your email and send! 

Note: To refresh and send a new Thnks, click on the <t> icon on the bottom bar of your email composer. 

You can track whether your Thnks has been redeemed from My Thnks > Sent on your Thnks account. 

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