Can I Resend My Thnks?

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Our Thnks template and reminder emails are optimized for deliverability to avoid spam filters. However, if your Thnks has remained unopened and you are looking to have your Thnks item resent you can:

  • Go into My Thnks > Sent

  • Select the Thnks you would like to resend

  • Click "Email me Thnks link".

  • You will be sent an email with your recipient's direct link to their Thnks.

  • From there you can paste and send a link to your Thnks item directly to your recipient via email, SMS, LinkedIn or however else you may want!

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Sidebar when clicking into the Thnks

Emailed Thnks Link

Thnks will automatically send 3 reminder emails to recipients of unredeemed Thnks items on day 2, day 15, and day 25 after the Thnks has been sent. Thnks items that remain unopened after 30 days will be expired and credited back to the sender's account.

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