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When Will My Spend Target Reset?
When Will My Spend Target Reset?

How long do I have to spend my target? Does my target roll over?

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  • If you have been assigned a Thnks spend target, this can be found in your account profile on the Thnks mobile app or web platform. 

  • Your Thnks target acts as a monthly spend target- if you do not spend up to your limit in a given month, this will not roll over to the next month... so make sure you are using it! 

  • You can track your spend in a given month against your assigned target from your account profile, and you will be notified before sending a Thnks if you are going to exceed your target limit.

  • Your target will reset on the 1st of each month at 12am CST. You can quickly check when your target will reset based on your time zone by clicking on this helpful guide:

    Thnks spend target resets by time zone, including a time zone map

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