• All Thnks items are delivered instantly to the recipient via email or SMS- you will receive a receipt as soon as your Thnks has been sent, confirming the transaction was processed successfully.
  • If there was an issue delivering the Thnks to your recipient's email, for example due to an invalid email address, you will be immediately refunded for your Thnks and notified via email. 
  • You can view the status of your Thnks items under the My Thnks > Sent tab in your Thnks account. The order of Thnks within this tab is reverse chronological from date sent. 

Status for Thnks sent:

  • Grey arrow - your Thnks was sent but has not yet been opened by your recipient
  • One green checkmark - your Thnks was opened by your recipient 
  • Two green checkmarks - your Thnks was redeemed by your recipient 
  • Red cross - your Thnks was unable to be delivered due to an incorrect email address. In this instance, you will be immediately refunded for your Thnks and notified via email. To resend, simply correct the recipient email address in your contacts and send again. 

Additionally, if you have your notifications turned on the Thnks mobile app or web platform, you will receive real-time notifications when a recipient has opened and accepted your Thnks.

Please note Thnks will send 3 reminder emails to recipients of unredeemed Thnks, 1 day, 5 days and 29 days after the Thnks has been sent. In the unlikely event that your Thnks remains unopened after 30 days, enterprise senders on the Pro plan or above will be refunded for the Thnks. 

Our Thnks template and reminder emails are optimized for deliverability to avoid spam filters. However, if your Thnks has remained unopened and you are looking to have your Thnks item resent, you can go into My Thnks > Sent, select the Thnks you would like to resend, and hit "Copy Thnks Link". From there you can send a link to your Thnks item directly to your recipient via email, SMS, LinkedIn or however else you may want! 

Alternatively, we can always send another reminder to your recipient on your behalf so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Can't find your answer? Start a live chat or email support@thnks.com.

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